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Introducing Taleez Connector




🚨 New Connector: Taleez

We are excited to announce that Taleez APIs have officially landed on open-source connectors library.

😍 What makes this major news for Taleez customers & partners?

This new connector will enable Taleez customers & partners to:

  • ⚡ Seamlessly Integrate Talent & Workforce data
  • 🤖 Elevate their Talent and Recruiter Experiences

🔧 How does it work?

Data integration capabilities:

  • ➡️ Send Profiles data from a Source of your choice to Taleez
  • ⬅️ Send Jobs data from Taleez to a Destination of your choice

Artificial Intelligence capabilities:

  • Easily Extract, Structure, and Categorize Talent & Workforce data
  • Effortlessly Search, Score, and Match Profiles and Jobs with precision.

💼 About Taleez:

Taleez is a recruitment management software that helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and intermediate-sized enterprises (ETIs) modernize their recruitment process while reducing costs.

With Taleez, HR teams can easily manage and centralize job applications, post job offers on multiple job boards, collaborate on recruitment management, and enhance the employer brand.

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