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Introducing Breezy HR Connector




🚨 New Connector: Breezy HR

We are excited to announce that Breezy HR APIs have officially landed on's open-source connectors library.

😍 What makes this major news for Breezy HR customers & partners?

This new connector will enable Breezy HR customers & partners to:

  • ⚡ Seamlessly Integrate Talent & Workforce data
  • 🤖 Elevate their Talent and Recruiter Experiences

🔧 How does it work?

Data integration capabilities:

  • ➡️ Send Profiles data from a Source of your choice to Breezy HR
  • ⬅️ Send Jobs data from Breezy HR to a Destination of your choice

Artificial Intelligence capabilities:

  • Easily Extract, Structure, and Categorize Talent & Workforce data
  • Effortlessly Search, Score, and Match Profiles and Jobs with precision.

💼 About Breezy HR:

BreezyHr is end-to-end recruiting software designed to assist teams in finding suitable candidates, evaluating applicants, and making a hire more quickly. It helps streamline recruitment and identify the best fit for a position.

🔗 Useful Links:

BreezyHR code.png

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breezy HR screenshot.png