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We are excited to announce that Parsing V4.0 is finally available. This release includes awesome new features and improvements that we hope you enjoy.

State-of-the-art Recognition.png


  • Complex layout parsing for all our 11 certified languages (lien)
  • Profile picture detection: small size image
  • Gender detection: taking into account the writing style in addition to the profile picture
  • Section classification: 97% accuracy (vs 92% in V3.0)
  • Special char polices management
  • Location detection
  • Scan orientation detection

New Features

  • Company logo detection
  • URLs detection
  • Phone number detection with E.164 standard (e.g. 06100000 + France ➜ +336100000)

These updates are backward compatible. Hence, they are no API migration that needs to be taken, except for the company logo detection feature.

To check the complete Profile JSON, please head over to the Profile Object page: .

To give a try to our latest Parsing version, please visit: