Document Parsing Improvements
The document parsing developed by HrFlow have been improved and updated.
  • New categories has been added: Certification, Duration, Task, Course and URL.
  • Overall parsed elements improvements (model predictions, leading/ending spaces fixed)
You can find more informations about it at Feel free to test our new document parsing potential through
Add board key in labels profile indexing
Add board key in labels profile indexing
` "labels":[
"stage": "yes",
"job_key": job_key,
"board_key": board_key,
"date_stage": "2020-07-07T00:00:00",
"rating": 5,
"date_rating" : "2020-07-06T00:00:00"
For more details visit the docs
Source extension chrome version 5.1.1
Send filed text in indexing JSON, to optimize searching by semantic rules.
Source extension chrome version 5.0.8
Improve skills, interests, and languages parsing
Source extension chrome version 5.0.6
Change educations and experiences start and end dates format from string to object iso8601 in profile indexing
Synchronous Parsing performances improved
We have enhanced our synchronous parsing performance. E-mail, phone number and location detection has been significantly improved.
see here for more details.
Delete Candidates with the API
The new Profile/Deleted endpoint allows the Client to also delete the candidates profiles with the API.
This endpoint ease clients work regarding their regulatory obligation toward candidates.
Find out more about this feature here
Parsing performances upgraded
We upgraded the Parsing performances. Candidates infos detection such as phone numbers, email and location is significantly enhanced.
See here for more infos.
Improved security with Domain Whitelist
Domain whitelisting in Riminder's solution is a security model that controls access to outside domains.
Your developers can then enable/disable whitelisting and declare access to specific network domains and subdomains.
Find out more about the Domain whitelisting here
Riminder + Typeform integration
This integration help recruiters efficiently collect candidates resumes (paper/digital), structure their data and integrate them into their databases.
Typeform offers a wide and diverse range of forms templates that can be easily customized to fit in different situations (job fairs, networking events, etc.).
This is an effective and easy solution to provide the best experience to candidates when applying for a job or dropping their resume.
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